Turn Thinking into Doing: 9 tips to kick start healthy habits

9 Ways to Turn Thinking into Healthy Habits

If you’re like most people, you’re thinking about being healthier more than doing it. You have great intentions and know healthy habits are important. But, you just haven’t been able to take it beyond the thinking stage. That’s okay- because there’s something in between you can start doing to push yourself into getting closer to being a fitter you. Even better news- it involves more thinking and won’t take much time. For example, what if all you did was follow a fitness social media group? It’s not a big commitment and it just puts your healthy habits at the fore front of your mind. We’ve got 9 small and simple things you can do to spark your motivation and ignite change.

Why am I Just Thinking about Fitness?

Too many times we get down on ourselves for not taking action on things we know would be better for us in the long run. Why? Because it’s part of the change process! The harder you are on yourself for thinking about it, the harder it will be for you to start living a healthy lifestyle. So, don’t worry- it’s all part of the process.

Making Change for Healthy Habits

Change is hard. That’s why there’s a series of steps you go through before you form new habits. Three decades of research support a stage of change model. You can read more about this model and what it means for the new habits you’re trying to start here. But, to make it quick and easy for you, there’s five stages you go through when building new habits. Simply put, you go through:

  • Not thinking about it (Precontemplation)
  • Slowly considering a change (Contemplation)
  • Making plans for change (Preparation)
  • Doing the right things (Action)
  • Sticking to the new lifestyle (Maintenance)

Most people will slide back and forth in the different Stages of Change. It makes sense, because life is always shifting- making it easier and harder at times to be a better version of you.

Be Your Own Good Influence

There’s so much information out there fore people who are already living a healthy lifestyle. It can be disappointing, because so many of us need help getting over that hump. We need the nudge to make fitness and healthy eating part of our daily routine. You don’t have to wait around for your motivation to kick up on it’s own. Instead, there’s easy ways for you to influence yourself into being that fitter version of you. And, if you’re already on the right track and want to do more- congrats! Do you want to do more? Keep reading.

Keep Thinking to Start Doing Healthy Habits

If you’re in that first, second, or third Stage then it means everything is up there (in your head). So, then doesn’t it make sense to start there? Here are 10 things you can do to keep thinking about health and fitness in a way that will make you start doing it. Thinking is where new behaviors begin, so your thoughts should be your starting point.

  1. Follow fitness on social media. Pick a couple groups or pages to follow. You don’t even have to interact with them. Just by following them, you’ll expose yourself to their healthy influence. It’ll help you keep things like exercise and nutrition at the front of your mind instead of the back.
  2. Daydream about success. Thoughts turn into feelings. Then, feelings turn into action. Set a timer once a day to spend just one minute to daydream. During this time, imagine your life- in every way possible- as a successfully health person. Use all your senses and take your time enjoying the rewards of your hard work. Want help on daydreaming success? Check out this quick read.
  3. Be a problem solver. Think of the reasons that tend to keep you from your fitness goals. Then, come up with solutions of how to overcome them. Think of it like giving advice to a friend. What would you tell someone to do in the situation. Don’t worry! You don’t have to do these things yet! Just get in some good practice on finding solutions to the things that keep you from hitting your goals.
  4. Know yourself better than anyone else. How well do you know the details of your eating habits. Exactly how many minutes of activity (even light activity) do you get in a day? Do you know how many ounces of water you drink? Knowing the details of your starting point is so important. So, either start writing your current habits down, or spend a couple minutes at the end of the day recounting your steps.
  5. Remember your successes. You’ve been successful at other things in the past, right? Spend some time giving yourself a pat on the back for winning. But, more importantly, think about the things you did to be successful. What strengths do you have that you could leverage again to see your fitness goals through?
  6. Rewrite your ending. Let’s face it, we all backslide every now and then. Pick a time when you were trying to accomplish your fitness goals and fell off the wagon. Then, rethink the situation of how you could have been successful. What could you have done to make a difference? Even if you can’t think of any thing you could do better, that’s okay. Just change the situation. It gives you a chance to practice being successful and your brain needs that.
  7. Invent your fun fitness. Being active can be things you enjoy. Spend some time thinking about enjoyable activities or meals that align to your goal. It doesn’t matter if you can do them right now or not. Instead, it matters that you can create a positive mental connection to healthy habits.
  8. Consider but don’t commit. Take a look at your calendar. What’s coming up in the near future to help or hurt your fitness goals? You don’t have to commit to anything, but consider when the best time would be to kick start your awesome new habits.
  9. Use the time you don’t realize you have. The next time you reach for your phone to pass your time, don’t. Instead, spend this “open space” thinking about any of the things on this list. We all have more time than we realize. We just fill the “open space” with quick and easy distractions. Use these tips for your distractions.


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